Luxury Hotels at Risk – Bloomberg Video

September 24, 2009

Tweet We’ve already seen numerous defaults in luxury hotels in San Francisco, some strategic defaults, others out of pure distress. Nonetheless, the pressure is mounting. We’ve been at a point now where RevPAR has been under immense pressure for quite some time, coupled with significant speculative acquisitions which took place over the past few years […]


Dan Tishman on CNBC – CRE Second Shoe To Drop

September 21, 2009

Tweet Tishman said the commercial real estate bubble was created by an over-eagerness of lending. “One property being acquired and then being lent on and lent, created this,” said Tishman. “Multiple levels of returns were required and that caused the problem. I don’t see values for commercial real estate coming back for two to three […]


China Commercial Property Sales Exceed US, UK

August 25, 2009

Tweet Pretty good video discussing China, their use and sources of funds in powering their economy through current global economic conditions. One thing to note is their aggressive and continued investment in capacity.


One of the Best on CNBC

April 6, 2009

Tweet Meredith Whitney was on CNBC today. She was one of the first to call the liquidity problems that would be facing banks, and specifically received many threats over her early assessment of Citibank. She provided some good insight on housing, credit, bank liquidity, and the otherwise gloomy economic conditions in this relatively long segment.


Jon Stewart Interviews Jim Cramer on Daily Show

March 13, 2009

Tweet If any of you missed the Daily Show last night, Jon Stewart interviewed Jim Cramer. Jim Cramer came on the show expecting to help assuage the situation it seems, but instead dug himself a bigger hole when Jon Stewart showed some clips of him from back in 2006. Jon Stewart illustrated very clearly the […]


220,000 Stores To Close In 2009

February 19, 2009

Tweet According to Howard Davidowitz of Davidowitz & Associates, 220,000 retail stores will close in 2009. Practically every major retailer is on his list, including Saks, Neiman Macrus. He also cites that there is 19.5 square feet of retail space for every American. Here’s the video


CNBC Classic: The Call For A 21st Century Tea Party

February 19, 2009

Tweet I’ve mentioned before the dislike I have for CNBC, but I was just sent a clip from earlier today on CNBC that is worth watching. Rick Santelli, who some of you may know as the guy who reports from the trading floor, lost it and went on a mini-tirade about the way the government […]


Frontline Special: “Inside The Meltdown” Now Available Online

February 18, 2009

Tweet The PBS Frontline special is now available for viewing online. It gives a chronological account of the economic crisis and is well worth watching. The current economic crisis is part Katrina, part Enron. The video is embedded below for your viewing pleasure.


REITs Issuing Stock Dividends In Lieu of Cash

January 31, 2009

Tweet In a growing sign that REITs are doing everything in their power to conserve cash and bolster their balance sheets, a growing list of them are electing to issue stock dividends in lieu of cash. A Bloomberg piece spotted at ReitWrecks and embedded below provides some additional insight into the growing trend:


Hilarious But Not Really

June 4, 2008

Tweet Got this sent to me earlier. Guess this explains why having a company evacuation plan is a good idea. …and from another angle for your viewing (dis)pleasure …

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