Solyndra Gets a Boost With $535M Govt Loan

March 20, 2009

Tweet Fremont-based Solyndra got a giant boost today when the government announced that it will provide the Fremont company with a $535M loan to fund the expansion of the company through the construction of a second plant. The $535M is estimated to cover about 73% of the cost of the construction. The company has a […]


30% of iStar Financial’s Loans are Non-Performing

February 28, 2009

Tweet iStar Financial (SFI: N/A N/A), a commercial mortgage REIT that had been an active player of the past few years, is in dire straits with an some 23-30% of its loan portfolio not performing. The company acquired the assets of Fremont Investment & Loan, a notorious lender on highly speculative condo and housing projects. […]