The Crisis in Venture Capital Continues

April 1, 2009

Tweet It’s been about nine months since we last posted data from the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) and discussed the slowdown in the volume of liquidity events for venture-backed companies. Since then, things have gotten far worse with the most recent quarter showing severe weakness. The data released by the NVCA today indicates that number […]


Silicon Valley Rent, Vacancy, and Unemployment

March 24, 2009

Tweet I was reading an article yesterday in the Mercury News about Silicon Valley rents that peaked my interest. Another broker who is often quoted, indicated that his expectation was generally that Silicon Valley wouldn’t see vacancy rates like those we saw in 2002, in which some submarkets experienced vacancy rates of 30%: ‘We don’t […]


Year End Forecast: 27.5% Vacancy, Rents Down by 23.5%

March 23, 2009

Tweet According to numbers released by ForesightAnalytics, the year-end vacancy forecast for the San Jose market is 27.5%. The report, titled “U.S. Office Market Outlook – This Downturn is Different” assesses the office market in light of the steep job losses. The 27.5% figure reflects a forecasted 10.3% change in vacancy for 2009. More on […]


Silicon Valley Unemployment Hits Double Digits; California at 10.5%

March 20, 2009

Tweet The unemployment numbers for California were released, and not surprisingly, they are ugly and now stand at a whopping 10.5% in California – a 26 year high.That number is up from 10.1% last month, and 8.7% in December, and 8.3% in November. According to the EDD, Unemployment figures for Santa Clara county is virtually […]


Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network Releases 2009 Silicon Valley Index

February 17, 2009

Tweet The Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network has released its annual publication on Silicon Valley which tracks trends in the region’s economy and community. The report discusses trends in regional investment, job growth, diversity, real estate, and government. It is a good resource for those inside and outside of Silicon Valley to see where the […]


Brokerages Announce “Troubled Assets Units”

January 17, 2009

Tweet All the major brokerage houses have now rushed onto the bandwagon to announce the formation of new departments designed to assist lenders and owners of distressed assets. I even read that regional brokerage Cornish & Carey announced one the other day. There is certainly plenty of blame to go around about why the industry […]


533K Layoffs Nationwide in November; California, Silicon Valley Unemployment Rate Update

December 5, 2008

Tweet In numbers released by the Labor Department today, the month of November saw employers slash some 533,000 jobs, the most in 34 years. The number came in over 200,000 higher than the 320,000 economists were forecasting. The national unemployment rate currently stands at 6.8%. With GM, Chrysler, and Ford all strapped for cash, the […]


Yahoo! To Axe 1500 Employees By Year-End; Consolidate Facilities

October 21, 2008

Tweet Yahoo! released its Q3 earnings numbers today, and along with it announced plans for a significant headcount reduction by year’s end. Yahoo! currently employs about 15,200 employees. What is interesting is that even before these layoffs take place, Jerry Yang, Yahoo’s CEO, left the door open for additional cuts by indicating that “This is the […]


August 2008 Federal, California, and Silicon Valley Unemployment Numbers

October 3, 2008

Tweet The latest unemployment numbers for August 2008 have been released and the economy continues to trend lower as unemployment nationwide, statewide, and locally have all continued to trend higher. The graph to the right shows the trend over three years, but what we are seeing over a longer time period is that statewide, the unemployment […]


AIG, The Bailout, and Legacy Partners

October 1, 2008

Tweet The $85B Bailout the Federal Reserve provided AIG involved a two-year loan designed to give AIG the headroom and time for it to conduct an orderly sale of its assets. Over the past several decades, AIG grew from a simple insurance company into a conglomerate which provides everything from aircraft leasing services to auto […]

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