Tenant Power: Sears Tower to Be Renamed to Willis Tower

March 16, 2009

Tweet Chicago’s iconic Sears Tower will be getting a new name this summer. Willis Group, a London-based insurance broker announced late last week that it had negotiated a deal for some 140,000 + square feet of space at the tower, and as part of the deal, they will get the building renamed in their favor […]


Tenant Concerns About Landlords Sweeping The Market

March 13, 2009

Tweet About a week ago we wrote a post on tenant’s increasingly becoming concerned with the financial condition of their landlords. The SF Business Times today featured an article covering that very same topic. The article touched on non-disturbance agreements, as well as tenants seeking to have landlords put Tenant Improvmenet money in escrow accounts […]


Tenants Concerned About Landlord Financials

March 4, 2009

Tweet The NYT had an article yesterday about tenants scrutinizing landlord’s financials as a precaution against the property owners getting into financial trouble or losing the building to the lender. We’ve discussed in extensive detail over the past year how deteriorating commercial rents, and an increasingly difficult (or impossible for many) lending environment is putting […]


Proposition 13, Property Taxes, and Tenants

February 26, 2009

Tweet In the previous post we discussed plans on the table to hike taxes as an effort to help close budget deficits. As cities and the state continue to face tough economic decisions, there is increased scrutiny of Proposition 13, as it is seen by many as a way to help bring in additional revenue […]


The Top Ten Mistakes Companies Make When Leasing Office Space

July 14, 2008

Tweet Following payroll expenses, facilities and related expenses are generally the second highest expenditure for a company. While people are naturally the most important asset to a company, real estate decisions should not be far behind. Too often though, companies fail to see the significance of real estate in the same light. The impact real estate has goes far beyond […]


A Guide to Office Building Classifications; Class A, Class B, Class C

July 6, 2008

Tweet When considering office space, tenants will find that office buildings are generally classified as being either a Class A, Class B, or a Class C building. The difference between each of these classifications varies by market and class B and C buildings are generally classified relative to Class A buildings. Building classifications are used […]


The Incredible Growing Office Building

November 24, 2007

Tweet It used to be that when a new owner of an office building or office park set out to “add value”, it meant getting contractors involved to make improvements to anything from upgrading lobbies and common areas to improving lighting. Now, more and more landlords are turning to architects to help them “add value” […]