Electronic Arts and Motorola Announce Layoffs

October 31, 2008

Tweet The layoff trend continues as companies try to reign in costs and get in front of the economic “problem”. Small companies continue to cut staff, but the big ones this week were from Motorola and Electronic Arts. Motorola announced it will be laying off 3,000 employees and Electronic Arts 600. Electronic Arts maintains its […]


Yahoo! To Axe 1500 Employees By Year-End; Consolidate Facilities

October 21, 2008

Tweet Yahoo! released its Q3 earnings numbers today, and along with it announced plans for a significant headcount reduction by year’s end. Yahoo! currently employs about 15,200 employees. What is interesting is that even before these layoffs take place, Jerry Yang, Yahoo’s CEO, left the door open for additional cuts by indicating that “This is the […]


EBay Announces Layoffs – 10% or 1,000 Employees To Go

October 6, 2008

Tweet After a month of layoff rumors were flying around at EBay, EBay has finally confirmed them in the form of a 10% reduction in its workforce. It’s unclear where all the layoffs will occur, but given that EBay is fairly centralized in the Bay Area (unlike HP’s EDS layoff announcement), at least some of those […]


HP to Cut 24,600 Jobs Over Next 3 Years

September 16, 2008

Tweet Hewlett Packard announced that it will cut nearly 25,000 jobs over the next three years as it integrates Electronic Data Systems (EDS). Most of the job cuts will likely be from beyond Silicon Valley, but the jobs cuts still amount to nearly 8% of the combined companies workforce.

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