Marketwatch Story on Oracle Building at 488 Almaden; Oracle Layoffs Announced

January 15, 2009

Tweet MarketWatch is featuring a story discussing the 380K square feet office building which it acquired through its 2007 acquisition of BEA Systems. The article discusses the tower’s past, and where the market is overall and the nature of the building relative to the campus-style environment prevalent in the valley. Not much new, but these […]


Nortel Files For Bankruptcy Protection

January 14, 2009

Tweet Nortel Networks (NT: N/A N/A), who two months ago announced plans to cut some 1300 jobs, filed for bankruptcy protection this morning. The Toronto-based company has significant US operations, including offices on Great America Parkway in Santa Clara.


Google Cuts Temporary Staff; ValleyWag Estimates Up To 6,000

January 8, 2009

Tweet ValleyWag has written a post comparing Google’s (GOOG: 523.40 +0.30%) December SEC filing to a statement made by Sergey Brin in October. In the December filing, Google indicated it has only about 4,300 temporary workers compared to the 10,000 that Sergey Brin indicated they had in October. Whether the number is correct or not, […]


Bank of America Announces Job Cuts; 35,000 Over Next 3 Years

December 11, 2008

Tweet Bank of America (BAC: 17.03 -1.10%) announced today that it will be eliminating approximately 35,000 jobs over the next three years. Bank of America, with its acquisition of Merrill Lynch complete early next year will have a combined workforce of some 308,000 employees, meaning that they are trimming more than 10%. This is just […]


Yahoo Layoffs Begin; Estimated 1500 To Lose Jobs This Round

December 10, 2008

Tweet Sunnyvale-based Yahoo (YHOO: 39.38 +0.13%) began its latest round of layoffs today. The estimate is that 1,500 employees will be laid off worldwide in this latest round. Both analysts covering Yahoo! as well as friends working for the company estimate that there are still several thousand┬ámore employees within the company whose jobs could be […]


Fremont-Based Mattson Technology Announces Layoffs

December 10, 2008

Tweet Mattson Technology (MTSN: 3.34 -0.60%) of Fremont announced that it will be eliminating 20% of its workforce, or about 120 employees). The reports are that 30 of the positions will be in Fremont.


Sony, Novellus Announce Layoffs

December 9, 2008

Tweet Sony (SNE: 28.39 -0.42%) announced that it will make significant cuts in its workforce and expansion plans. The company announced it will be laying off about 8,000 employees, closing two plants, and outsourcing more work. The company will also layoff about 8,000 temporary workers. San Jose-based Novellus (NVLS: 16.09 +0.94%) also announced layoffs. The […]


533K Layoffs Nationwide in November; California, Silicon Valley Unemployment Rate Update

December 5, 2008

Tweet In numbers released by the Labor Department today, the month of November saw employers slash some 533,000 jobs, the most in 34 years. The number came in over 200,000 higher than the 320,000 economists were forecasting. The national unemployment rate currently stands at 6.8%. With GM, Chrysler, and Ford all strapped for cash, the […]


Adobe to Cut 600; Yahoo Layoffs Next Week

December 4, 2008

Tweet Adobe announced that it will be laying off 600 employees, or about 8 percent of its workforce. The San Jose company indicated that the job cuts will be across the board, and are attributable to a slowdown in the economy and lower than expected sales of its Creative Suite 4 product. Yahoo is set […]


National Semiconductor, Applied Materials Announce Layoffs

November 13, 2008

Tweet National Semiconductor (NSM: 17.38 +3.45%) and Applied Materials (AMAT: 19.61 +0.51%) both announced layoffs today. National is cutting about 5% of its workforce, or 330 employees. Applied Materials is cutting about 12%, or about 1,800 employees. Semiconductors have been struggling for sometime as a slowdown in consumer spending hits demand for National Semi and […]

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