Schwarzenegger To Propose Sale of San Quentin, Agnews

May 14, 2009

Tweet Schwarzenegger is set to propose today that the State of California sell San Quentin, Agnews, and other property around the state. Locally, Agnews is an 81-acre site near Santa Clara and North San Jose surrounded mostly by Cisco Systems (click picture for larger view). The site is located at 3500 Zanker Road, and is general […]


Hunter Storm and Wolff Get $43M Discount From City of San Jose

April 7, 2009

Tweet The City of San Jose has granted Oakland A’s owner Lew Wolff, and Cupertino-based Hunter/Storm Development a $43M discount on the purchase price of land that had been negotiated last year. According to a Mecury News article covering the topic, the City will instead sell 65-acres for $89M instead of the originally priced 75-acres […]


Government Out of Control: California Considering Banning Black Cars

March 26, 2009

Tweet TechCrunch has a post about California looking to curb energy, and considering a ban on certain colors (Black) that don’t reflect well (since they would take more energy to cool). The regulations being proposed by the California Air Resources Board would go into effect in 2012. Dare I say it, but I suspect some […]


Treasury Department Releases Details on Its Plan to Buy Bank Assets

March 23, 2009

Tweet Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner released details of his plan today to use up to $1 trillion to help get the private sector to buy up “toxic” assets and securities in an effort to clean up the banks. The government has included details below on the program, and included is a few examples of out […]


Lawmaker Proposes Sale of San Quentin Prison

March 22, 2009

Tweet A State Senator in California (Jeff Denham, 12th district) has sponsored a bill proposing that the State sell San Quentin, the state prison sitting on 432 waterfront acres in Marin County. The prison was built in the mid 19th century, and overtime has come to become surrounded by high end housing and retail. Various […]


Obama Raising Small Business Administration Loan Guarantees

March 16, 2009

Tweet The Obama administration has announced that the SBA will be increasing its loan guarantees. Under the current system, the SBA guarantees payment up to 85% of a loan up to $150K, and up to 75% of loans more than $150K. The administration’s plan has the SBA raising its guarantees up to 90% of guarantees […]


Berryessa, and Not Downtown Might Be End of The Line For BART

March 14, 2009

Tweet Eric Chase’s Transbay Blog has an interesting perspective and rendering on the future of the extension of the BART line in that all the talk about San Jose’s Diridon station being the terminus might not be a reality for some two decades. After a report released indicated that real sales tax revenue will remain […]


Government Unveils Its Plan For Housing

February 18, 2009

Tweet Obama and the U.S. Treasury have revealed their housing plan, and its both extensive and wildly expensive. The government is putting aside $75B to help 9 million homeowners stay in their homes. In addition, $200 billion in losses will be absorbed at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The program requirements will be laid out […]


Tesla Motors San Jose Land and Factory Deal: Thanks Government!

September 17, 2008

Tweet Tesla has signed a lease for 89 acres of land in North San Jose off Zanker Road north of highway 237. Tesla is proposing to build a 600,000 square foot headquarters and factory facility. From what is being reported, it seems Tesla got a great deal. Tesla signed a 40-year lease, of which the first […]


The Next Victim of the Housing Crisis: Privacy of Mortgage Professionals

May 24, 2008

Tweet Buried in a housing bill which was passed by the Senate housing committee by a vote of 19-2 on Tuesday is language attacking the privacy of those in the mortgage profession. Eessentially anybody receiving compensation for a loan or accepting an application will be required to provide their fingerprint into a newly created National Fingerprint Registry. […]

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