Uncertainty Looms in Investment Real Estate

January 6, 2010

Tweet Robert Knakal has written an article for the Observer detailing the various mechanisms the FED has at its disposal to address liquidity in the market. Just reading the article gives me a headache. Not because it’s confusing, but because there are just so many variables now in play that it becomes nearly impossible to […]


Commercial Real Estate Lending Remains Tight

November 10, 2009

Tweet The Federal Reserve released yesterday its October 2009 Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices. Generally speaking, standards are still tightening at many banks, and banks are pushing out distress by extending loans. The October survey included a special question on the status of CRE loans on banks’ books that, at the beginning […]


Bill Gross’s Investment Outlook

October 27, 2009

Tweet Here is an excerpt from the November outlook newsletter of PIMCO’s Bill Gross. The newsletter can be viewed in its entirety here, where he discusses the effect of leverage on asset values, as well as what sort of numbers the US economy will need to put up to get the FED to raise rates. This view […]


Next Wave of Stress Tests To Focus on CRE

October 26, 2009

Tweet Many of the nation’s community and regional banks turned to commercial real estate lending during the last run up to boost profits through higher yields. Now, many of these same banks are saddled with commercial real estate debt on their books, and some banks such as Sterling Financial have 50% of their loan exposure […]


CRE Shoe Next NOT To Drop?

October 21, 2009

Tweet Retail Traffic has an article out citing economists on why commercial real estate won’t be the next shoe to drop. Certainly commercial real estate won’t have the impact that the sub-prime housing crisis had, and will be more of a bank-level problem than at the consumer-level, but credit is ultimately what is needed. Take […]


Fed Concerns About Commercial Real Estate Grow

October 7, 2009

Tweet The Federal Reserve is becoming increasingly concerned about commercial real estate. A Fed presentation reviewed by the WSJ indicates the body’s concern over the speed with which banks are recognizing commercial real estate losses and that the banks are on a similar track as when they were slow to react to the residential crisis. […]


Plotting Against the US Dollar

October 5, 2009

Tweet Take a trip to Europe and you’ll very quickly realize how far the value of the US dollar has fallen. Since the printing presses have been turned on full tilt in this country, talk of China and Middle Eastern countries moving away from the dollar as their reserve currency of choice has correspondingly gained […]


Unemployment and Deflation

October 2, 2009

Tweet A flurry of economic data was released this week. Contrary to the recovery that many are talking about, the data is heading in the opposite direction for the most part. We’re seeing some signs of stabilization in some numbers, and actual rebounds in others. Long story short though, no rebound is yet consistent enough […]


On The Verge Of Recovery

August 21, 2009

Tweet There’s a lot of news out today about statements Bernanke has made about the recession nearing an end, home sales rising, and other general talk of economic indicators reversing their slide. If I am not mistaken, it is direct government stimulus which is fueling those, and unless we keep printing money indefinitely the strength […]


TALF Extended Into 2010

August 20, 2009

Tweet The Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facilities (TALF) program has been extended to March 2010. Concern over the impact commercial real estate could have likely spurred this, along with what is likely the less-than-expected amount of interest thus far in the TALF program.

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