United States Capacity Utilization and Industrial Production

January 16, 2009

Tweet Industrial production in the United States continued its downard march in December, falling by 2.0% alone. Year over year, industrial production in the United States is off by some 7.8% overall, with construction off by 14%. Capacity Utilization in the United States is at 73.6%, the low reached during the recession of 2001-2002. The […]


Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan Says Worst of Crisis Yet to Come

January 15, 2009

Tweet Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan (JPM: 68.53 -0.74%) has predicted that the worst of the economic crisis is yet to come. In an interview with the financial times, Dimon said “The worst of the economic situation is not yet behind us. It looks as if it will continue to deteriorate for most of […]


The Bailout and The Big 3

December 10, 2008

Tweet I was sent this graphic illustrating the current economic bailout in comparison to all the other large government projects in our history. The size of the bailout is staggering. I don’t believe it includes the bailout we are contemplating providing the Big 3 automakers either. Not sure how much to say about that particular […]


Money Market Fund Goes Below Par

September 16, 2008

Tweet Money market funds work by maintaining a nav of $1.00 and issuing a market rate yield. That’s the theory anyways, and now the Primary Fund by Reserve has said that the value of investor’s money has dropped below the $1.00 mark to about $.96-.97 cents. This is apparently only the second time in history […]


UK Economic Downturn “Worst In 60 Years”

August 30, 2008

Tweet The UK chancellor responsible for economic matters in the UK has indicated that the current economic downturn in the UK is the worst the country has faced in 60 years. The article touching on details and other thoughts of Alistair Darling, the chancellor, can be read here in the Guardian.


Bank of England Indicates Britain Headed into Recession

August 13, 2008

Tweet The governor of the Bank of England stated yesterday that “It’s bound to be the case that there is the possibility of a quarter or two of negative growth”. That would qualify as a recession, though that word is not used. Following on Japan’s release of numbers which showed contraction in their economy, it […]


Japan Economy Slips; GDP Shrinks 2.4%

August 13, 2008

Tweet In a sign that the slowdown being felt here in the US is evolving into a global phenomenon, Japan reported that its GDP contracted by 2.4% (annualized) in the quarter ending June 30th. Japan is the world’s second largest economy and relies heavily on imported natural resources. Japan is facing a situation similar to that in […]


RREEF Report on Commodity Prices and Impact on Real Estate

July 27, 2008

Tweet RREEF Research has issued two reports this month. The first report covers commodity prices, and the impact on trade, housing, and other real estate impacts. Some of the items related to trade which are noted in the report include: Pacific Northwest ports (i.e. Seattle, Portland, Vancouver) to benefit as the shipping distance is shorter than that […]


Credit and Equity Markets In For Massive Turmoil According to RBS

June 18, 2008

Tweet The Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) chief credit strategist Bob Janjuah has issued a report to its clients to be prepared for a global credit and equity crash. Bob Janjuah forewarned against last year’s looming credit crisis. According to his report, the next three months will be nasty. The report includes warnings that the S&P could […]

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