Bill Gross’s Investment Outlook

October 27, 2009

Tweet Here is an excerpt from the November outlook newsletter of PIMCO’s Bill Gross. The newsletter can be viewed in its¬†entirety¬†here, where he discusses the effect of leverage on asset values, as well as what sort of numbers the US economy will need to put up to get the FED to raise rates. This view […]


Far From Being Out of The Woods

September 13, 2009

Tweet There are many conflicted views on the state of the economic recovery and the health of the banking system. Joseph Stiglitz, the former chief economist of the World Bank, has come out with some comments that indicate that the banking system is now in bigger trouble than it was the pre-Lehman Brothers collapse. On […]


Fixing The Fundamental Problem

August 26, 2009

Tweet The tax credit offered earlier this year pulled homebuyers from the sidelines back into the state’s beleaguered market for new homes but they have retreated since the incentive lapsed last month. Our homebuilders reported a significant drop in traffic last month, largely due to the state closing the window on the homebuyer tax credit,” […]


China Commercial Property Sales Exceed US, UK

August 25, 2009

Tweet Pretty good video discussing China, their use and sources of funds in powering their economy through current global economic conditions. One thing to note is their aggressive and continued investment in capacity.


On The Verge Of Recovery

August 21, 2009

Tweet There’s a lot of news out today about statements Bernanke has made about the recession nearing an end, home sales rising, and other general talk of economic indicators reversing their slide. If I am not mistaken, it is direct government stimulus which is fueling those, and unless we keep printing money indefinitely the strength […]


East Meets West

June 29, 2009

Tweet Every time things seem to get out of control, there is always an excuse why it can be sustained. During the dot-com run up, we had the “new economy”. During the boom cycle of the housing run up, banks, investors, bankers, builders, the media, and everybody in between had their own reason why the […]


Warren Buffett on CNBC

June 24, 2009

Tweet Green shoots? Warren Buffett was on CNBC today. The economy has had “no bounce”, the economy is anticipated to be in “shambles” for the foreseeable future, and generally speaking, he’s not seeing any signs of recovery yet across his various businesses.


Fallout From The Bailout

May 15, 2009

Tweet Dr. Doom is warning the US is about to lose its status as the world’s reserve currency. Whether or not this happens soon or in 10, or even 20 years doesn’t make a difference. The rest of the world is progressing so quickly that the 300M US consumers that have been the cornerstone of […]


US Capacity Utilization and Industrial Production Still Falling

March 25, 2009

Tweet Since the last post on Industrial Production in the US back in January, the numbers still have not seemed to bottom out. The latest numbers for February 2009 were released by the FED last week, and the charts are still headed steeply down. Capacity Utilization numbers for February have deteriorated an additional 2.4% since […]


Treasury Department Releases Details on Its Plan to Buy Bank Assets

March 23, 2009

Tweet Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner released details of his plan today to use up to $1 trillion to help get the private sector to buy up “toxic” assets and securities in an effort to clean up the banks. The government has included details below on the program, and included is a few examples of out […]

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