40 Million Americans Receiving Food Stamps

May 10, 2010

Tweet 1 in 8 Americans is now receiving food stamps, a new record. Despite the economy purportedly adding jobs again, it is also adding to the number of people on food stamps. The USDA numbers show that 39.68M Americans were receiving food stamps in February, up 260,000 from January. And the problem is expected to […]


Roubini’s Back: “In A Few Days There Might Not Be A Eurozone”

April 28, 2010

Tweet The prolific Roubini is back! At the Milken Global Conference on a panel to discuss the Eurozone, Roubini indicated that “in a few days…there might not be a eurozone for us to discuss.” That certainly is an extreme view. But if you have been following the Greek debt crisis, one thing is certain, and […]


Dimon: California Larger Risk Than Greece

February 28, 2010

Tweet Jamie Dimon, the chief of JP Morgan Chase has indicated that California poses a larger risk than Greece. Mr Dimon told investors at the Wall Street bank’s annual meeting that “there could be contagion” if a state the size of California, the biggest of the United States, had problems making debt repayments. Dimon isn’t […]


CEO of Jones Lang LaSalle on CNBC

January 28, 2010

Tweet Colin Dyer, CEO of Jones Lang LaSalle was on CNBC discussing the CRE market. Unless there are additional monetary shocks, he sees a sharp V-shaped recovery when confidence returns. Interesting. The other guy in the interview, Ken Rogoff, a professor of economics at Harvard, didn’t seem like he was buying it and called Dyer […]


Layoffs Back: Verizon 13K, Sam’s Club 11K

January 27, 2010

Tweet The other day Wal-Mart announced 11-12K layoffs at its Sam’s Club unit. Yesterday we got word that Verizon is planning on laying off roughly 13,000 employees in 2010. This comes on the back of some pretty significant cuts it made in 2009. And today Home Depot is announcing 1,000 layoffs. …and there will be […]


Howard Marks of Oaktree on the Economy

January 26, 2010

Tweet Hedge Fund Manager Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital put out a client memo discussing the economy. The 12-page letter is interesting, but the underlying theme is uncertainty. The document can be found on the below linked site. [via Business Insider]


China Grows At 10.7% Year-Over-Year

January 21, 2010

Tweet China’s has returned to hyper-growth, with the latest GDP numbers coming in at 10.7% (YoY). Much of the growth is likely fueled by the property sector, which has been on fire thanks to low interest rates and fairly easy money. There are waiting lists for cars, and housing is at a ridiculous multiple to average […]


2010 Dropped As Target Date For Binding Climate Agreement

December 18, 2009

Tweet The goal for Copenhagen was to continue work towards having a binding climate agreement in place by the end of 2010. That stipulation has just been dropped. This likely will slow down the velocity of  “green” and business relying on such an agreement to spur economic incentives and the such. [via Forbes]


Commercial Real Estate Will Collapse!

November 19, 2009

Tweet How’s that for a title? That’s the title of a Forbes article out today by Stuart Saft, a partner at law firm Dewey & LeBoeuf who makes the argument that court decisions could be the nail in the coffin. We’ve discussed some of the decisions here, including the Citigroup deal in New York. In […]


Jeremy Grantham on Equities

October 27, 2009

Tweet We just posted an article from Bill Gross discussing bond rates and economic growth. On the equity front is the view of Jeremy Grantham, chairman of GMO, and one of the most prescient investors out there. His Q3 newsletter can be downloaded here. Corporate ex-fi nancials profi t margins remain above average and, if I […]

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