Clock Ticking For Morgan Stanley Fund V

December 3, 2009

Tweet We had covered Morgan Stanley’s troubles in the recent past, including its walking away from its massive Crescent deal, and the looming troubles it is facing on the CNL deal (think Maui Prince), and the Blackstone/Equity Office assets it acquired at the top of the market. WSJ has a piece on the CNL deal […]


Round Trip For 17M SF of Property as Morgan Stanley Hands Back The Keys

November 20, 2009

Tweet Morgan Stanley has officially handed the keys back on the Crescent portfolio we posted on last month. Including debt, Morgan picked up Crescent Real Estate Equities for $6.5B. The portfolio consists of some 17M SF of commercial and hospitality product. After providing Morgan with a 3-month extension back in August, the calling for the […]


Update on Morgan Stanley and Crescent Real Estate Deal

October 21, 2009

Tweet We were a bitĀ ahead of the pack in reporting that Morgan Stanley would likely be taking the hit on their Crescent Real Estate deal, but the WSJ has some additional insight indicating that Morgan is in negotiations with Barclay’s, and that discussions might take them beyond the November 2nd deadline. Investment firms without the […]


Morgan Stanley to Take Hit on Crescent

October 14, 2009

Tweet Morgan Stanley was one of the most aggressive investors during this last boom cycle. Their activities included the acquisition of the EOP San Francisco portfolio for some $2.5B, and the August 2007 purchase of Crescent Real Estate Equities for $6.5B (if you include the debt), and other smaller deals such as providing the debt […]