S&P: Worst Yet To Come For Commercial Real Estate Loans

February 1, 2010

Tweet Despite all the good news that you’ve been hearing about commercial real estate, we haven’t been entirely convinced. We’ve indicated that uncertainty and continued weakness in rents and occupancy are powerful enough forces to keep the commercial real estate sector in check for some time. Now S&P is out with a research paper entitled, “Industry […]


Moody’s: CRE Prices Will Continue To Fall

January 26, 2010

Tweet Despite seeing a 1% uptick in November prices, Moody’s is indicating that it is very likely that commercial real estate prices will continue to fall. “We anticipate further deterioration in property fundamentals and increases in cap rates,” he suggested, acknowledging that “the worst of the value declines is likely over.” This goes to the […]


RREEF Marks Up 2009 Commercial Real Estate Outlook

January 12, 2010

Tweet For the past few years, RREEF has revisited its commercial real estate outlook at the end of the year by marking up the document. It’s nice to see this type of self-deprecating research. Like last year, RREEF was a bit too bullish and underestimated how much values and employment would fall. The report can […]


Uncertainty Looms in Investment Real Estate

January 6, 2010

Tweet Robert Knakal has written an article for the Observer detailing the various mechanisms the FED has at its disposal to address liquidity in the market. Just reading the article gives me a headache. Not because it’s confusing, but because there are just so many variables now in play that it becomes nearly impossible to […]


Video: LeFrak on Commercial Real Estate

November 12, 2009

Tweet Richard LeFrak is the billionaire head of The LeFrak Organization, a group with investments in thousands of apartment units, millions of square feet of office space, and hotels and other assets, with a concentration in New York. On banks… Death by a thousand cuts On CRE problems… in 2nd or 3rd inning


Who Are The Largest Firms Investing Internationally For US Clients? Here’s The Top 10

November 6, 2009

Tweet We previously posted a top ten list of the largest firms who handle investments in US real estate for foreigner. Somebody emailed us wanting to know who the top 10 money management firms were who invested internationally on behalf of US investors. Here they are below, ranked by tax-exempt status as of about mid-2009. […]


Who Do Foreigners Give Their Money To When Investing In US Real Estate? Here’s The Top 10

October 21, 2009

Tweet We’ve heard about and are beginning to see an increase in foreign money coming into the US real estate market, particularly on the residential and multi-family side as the prospect of a recovery happening is expected to occur in this sector first. So want to know who these foreign individuals, pension funds, investment firms, […]


GI Partners Targeting Hotels

September 30, 2009

Tweet Menlo Park’s GI Partners is allocating some $500M to target the troubled hospitality sector. The company intends on targeting both assets and debt. GI Partners was the basis for what is now Digital Realty Trust. The hotel sector has been hit extremely hard. The numbers across the board for hotels, whether its occupancy, average […]


Using The MIT TBI Supply and Demand Index To Time The Market

September 21, 2009

Tweet MIT’s transaction based index is based on NCREIF data, which tracks the sale and resale of some 6,123 properties valued at some $250B. One of the data sets that MIT puts out is its Supply and Demand Index, which is based on methodology from a 2003 paper found here. Using the data and chart […]


Thoughts on Increased M&A Activity

September 17, 2009

Tweet We’ve seen and been hearing a lot about the uptick in the amount of M&A activity over the past few weeks. Locally, Adobe (Omniture) and Intuit (mint.com – a small acquisition) have cut deals in the past week, and IBM, Oracle, EMC, and others have very recently engaged in deals as well. This is undoubtedly a positive sign, particularly […]

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