MSREF VI Shows Us How To Lose $5.4B

April 13, 2010

Tweet Morgan Stanley Real Estate Fund VI has disclosed to investors that they are facing losses of nearly two-thirds of their investment. That translates to roughly $5.4B of losses on the massive $8.8B fund. The article in the WSJ runs through most of the juicy tidbits. The losses are so staggering that the entire premise […]


Clock Ticking For Morgan Stanley Fund V

December 3, 2009

Tweet We had covered Morgan Stanley’s troubles in the recent past, including its walking away from its massive Crescent deal, and the looming troubles it is facing on the CNL deal (think Maui Prince), and the Blackstone/Equity Office assets it acquired at the top of the market. WSJ has a piece on the CNL deal […]


Morgan Stanley to Take Hit on Crescent

October 14, 2009

Tweet Morgan Stanley was one of the most aggressive investors during this last boom cycle. Their activities included the acquisition of the EOP San Francisco portfolio for some $2.5B, and the August 2007 purchase of Crescent Real Estate Equities for $6.5B (if you include the debt), and other smaller deals such as providing the debt […]