Richard LeFrak on CNBC With a Wait and See Attitude

April 27, 2010

Tweet Richard LeFrak of the LeFrak Organization was on CNBC with Maria to discuss commercial real estate. He continues to be somewhat cautious and is taking a “wait and see” approach, though there is certainly more cautious optimism out of him. Echoing his comments, multifamily continues to be hot with investors scrambling to take a […]


Faber: US Will Default

February 10, 2010

Tweet Here’s to some comical relief (we hope). Marc Faber on CNBC projecting most governments will default, including the US, though he conveniently left out a time frame in his statement. My thoughts are that if we’re going to default, might as well do it now while we still have the superior military rather than […]


Sam Zell on CNBC Discusses Housing and More

January 15, 2010

Tweet …bottom already seen on residential, and fairly optimistic on the demand side of the equation for institutional CBD office space.


Commercial Real Estate Videos

December 16, 2009

Tweet Couple videos from CNBC…. #1 Mort Zuckerman on Commercial Real Estate. Zuckerman is chairman of Boston Properties (BXP: 117.37 -0.54%). and #2 Spotlight on Commercial REITs featuring Harvey Green, CEO of Marcus & Millichap. This video doesn’t say anything new, but the last point about small vs large real estate is interesting, because if […]


Meredith Whitney Back on CNBC

December 8, 2009

Tweet Commercial real estate losses expected to peak in 2010, consumers continue to be slammed, and she expects the number of Americans who don’t have bank accounts to grow to 30%!


Tim Geithner on CNBC – Deficits Down in 2011

December 3, 2009

Tweet Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner was on CNBC. He talks about pockets of strength in the economy, including technology and exports. If those are the only two, we’re in trouble because those two are driven by a weak dollar and rebuilding of inventory channels. The basic strategy involves “going back to living within our means”. […]


Donald Trump on CNBC

December 2, 2009



3-Month Treasury Bill Yields Turn Negative

November 19, 2009

Tweet This is not a good sign. The last time this happened was last year right around the Lehman blow up. The fact that yields are negative on the 3-month bills indicates that investors are staying on the sideline. Which raises the question of why (and how) equities have rallied so much if the money […]


Meredith Whitney on CNBC – Liquidity Problems and Double Dip Ahead

November 16, 2009

Tweet We’ve posted some of Meredith Whitney’s comments before. She’s been way in front of the banking problems, and called the liquidity problems that ended up plaguing Citibank and other financials. She was on CNBC back in April and started to warm up to equities and financials again. She was right. Now she’s back on […]


Video: LeFrak on Commercial Real Estate

November 12, 2009

Tweet Richard LeFrak is the billionaire head of The LeFrak Organization, a group with investments in thousands of apartment units, millions of square feet of office space, and hotels and other assets, with a concentration in New York. On banks… Death by a thousand cuts On CRE problems… in 2nd or 3rd inning

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