Carl Icahn Bearish on REITs, Sees Risk of Double Dip

October 9, 2009

Tweet Carl Icahn on CNBC talking markets, debt, and REITs….


Stick To What You Know: Boone Pickens Dumps Yahoo! Stake

July 29, 2008

Tweet If there was ever an example of why people should stick to what they know, it is in today’s news. T Boone Pickens, the wildly successful oil and commodities investor that runs BP Capital has reportedly dumped his stake in Yahoo! (YHOO: 36.67 -2.00%), at what can be speculated to be a significant loss. […]


Yahoo Cuts a Deal with Google

June 12, 2008

Tweet Yahoo has entered into a non-exclusive agreement with Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)┬áto allow Google to run ads on Yahoo’s web properties. The deal is estimated to ad approximately $800M a year in cash flow to Yahoo. As of June 8th, Microsoft and Yahoo have concluded their negotiations as well. Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has expressed interest in continuing […]


The Yahoo-Microsoft Soap Opera Continues

June 3, 2008

Tweet The Yahoo-Microsoft fiasco continues. Attorneys for investors won the right yesterday in court to release meeting minutes and other details behind the so far non-acquisition of Yahoo! (NASDAQ: YHOO) by Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT). Not much of a commercial real estate angle here except to say that Yahoo owns a bunch of land in Santa […]