Forced Withholding on Contractors Defeated….So Far

July 21, 2009

Tweet The word is that the budget agreement that has been tentatively reached between the state legislature and the governor’s office is missing the provision that forces withholding on independent contractors. The final language is not yet available, but it seems that various organizations and individuals were successful in getting this provision removed. For all […]


Oppose Forced Withholding on Independent Contractors

June 30, 2009

Tweet A proposal to force those making payments to independent contractors to withhold 3% is making is making its rounds. This provision was included in a budget gap proposal approved earlier this week by a Budget Conference committee in the California legislature. Here’s how the proposal would work: When an agent closes a transaction, they […]


90-Day Foreclosure Moratorium Kicks In Tomorrow

June 14, 2009

Tweet The new California Foreclosure Prevention Act is kicking in tomorrow (and stays in effect until January 1, 2011). Under the new rules, which apply to owned-occupied homes with first mortgages recorded between January 1, 2003 and January 1, 2008, the time period before a notice of trustee sale can be filed is extended by […]


Paul Krugman on California and Proposition 13

May 26, 2009

Tweet Despite the economic slump, despite irresponsible policies that have doubled the state’s debt burden since Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor, California has immense human and financial resources. It should not be in fiscal crisis; it should not be on the verge of cutting essential public services and denying health coverage to almost a million children. […]


Better Start Printing New Business Cards

May 22, 2009

Tweet Effective July 1, 2009, California’s real estate agents must disclose their Department of Real Estate (DRE) license numbers on all solicitation materials intended to be the first point of contact with consumers. Examples include business cards, stationary, advertising flyers, and other materials designed to solicit the creation of a professional relationship between a licensee […]


Schwarzenegger To Propose Sale of San Quentin, Agnews

May 14, 2009

Tweet Schwarzenegger is set to propose today that the State of California sell San Quentin, Agnews, and other property around the state. Locally, Agnews is an 81-acre site near Santa Clara and North San Jose surrounded mostly by Cisco Systems (click picture for larger view). The site is located at 3500 Zanker Road, and is general […]


California Unemployment Up to 11.2%; Silicon Valley At 11% (!)

April 17, 2009

Tweet Last month we posted several pieces of data concerning unemployment in California as forecasted by the UCLA Anderson Forecast, in which they predicted that California Unemployment would peak at around 11.9% by mid-2010. The EDD (Employment Development Department) is out with it’s March 2009 numbers, and California unemployment is already at 11.2%, up .7% from […]


Silicon Valley Unemployment Hits Double Digits; California at 10.5%

March 20, 2009

Tweet The unemployment numbers for California were released, and not surprisingly, they are ugly and now stand at a whopping 10.5% in California – a 26 year high.That number is up from 10.1% last month, and 8.7% in December, and 8.3% in November. According to the EDD, Unemployment figures for Santa Clara county is virtually […]


January Unemployment Shoots to 10.1% in California

February 28, 2009

Tweet Preliminary January numbers have been released, and they are simply ugly. Unemployment has rocketed to double digit territory at 10.1%, seasonally adjusted. That number is up from 8.7% in December of 2008, 8.3% in November of 2008, and 6.1% in January of 2008. The current number represents a 73% jump year-over-year! National unemployment numbers […]


Proposition 13, Property Taxes, and Tenants

February 26, 2009

Tweet In the previous post we discussed plans on the table to hike taxes as an effort to help close budget deficits. As cities and the state continue to face tough economic decisions, there is increased scrutiny of Proposition 13, as it is seen by many as a way to help bring in additional revenue […]

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