Grubb Secures 11% Loan Secured by Accounts Receivable

March 31, 2011

Tweet Been a while since I posted anything, but this was too good to pass up: Grubb & Ellis Company (GBE: N/A N/A) announced that it has received an $18 million financing commitment from private equity firm Colony Capital, LLC. In turn, the Los Angeles-based international investment firm has secured the right to negotiate exclusively […]


Kudos to Cornish & Carey

May 10, 2010

Tweet It seems that the folks over at Cornish & Carey have decided to put rental rate and available space information back up on their website. I was admittedly harsh on them back in January when I wrote a post about why I felt hiding this information was counterproductive and against the interests of the […]


JLL Squeezes Out a Profit in Q1

April 27, 2010

Tweet Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL: 176.465 +0.281%) posted earnings this afternoon and they managed to squeeze out a small profit in a continuing sign of stability in the brokerage business. The company reported a profit of $200,000, which although paltry, is a vast improvement from the $60M loss they posted a year ago for the […]


Government Taking Donations To Pay Down Debt

April 22, 2010

Tweet Believe it or not, the government has established a website whereby you can make a donation to help pay down the public debt. Absolutely classic. See for yourself Do your part and donate $30K!


The Cleveland Fed Justifying Its Existence

March 3, 2010

Tweet ….this was actually put out by the Cleveland Fed on March 1, 2010. I wouldn’t believe it unless I saw it. [via ZeroHedge]


Bloom Energy

February 24, 2010

Tweet In case anybody missed it on 60 minutes… Sunnyvale-based Bloom Energy… Watch CBS News Videos Online


Record Breaking Land Site Headed Back to Bank

February 19, 2010

Tweet Back at the top of the market in 2007, Candy & Candy acquired an 8-acre development site in Beverly Hills. The price? $500,000,000 – or some $1400 per square foot! Just three years earlier, the seller, New Pacific Realty, had acquired the site for $33.5M. It was encumbered with a long-term lease to the […]


Faber: US Will Default

February 10, 2010

Tweet Here’s to some comical relief (we hope). Marc Faber on CNBC projecting most governments will default, including the US, though he conveniently left out a time frame in his statement. My thoughts are that if we’re going to default, might as well do it now while we still have the superior military rather than […]


The Irony of Silicon Valley

January 29, 2010

Tweet This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a while, but until now I was not sure how or what to write exactly. It’s a bit long, but I think it is important. Silicon Valley is the center of innovation and home to giants of industry. It’s the place companies like Cisco, […]


Layoffs Back: Verizon 13K, Sam’s Club 11K

January 27, 2010

Tweet The other day Wal-Mart announced 11-12K layoffs at its Sam’s Club unit. Yesterday we got word that Verizon is planning on laying off roughly 13,000 employees in 2010. This comes on the back of some pretty significant cuts it made in 2009. And today Home Depot is announcing 1,000 layoffs. …and there will be […]

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