Roubini’s Back: “In A Few Days There Might Not Be A Eurozone”

April 28, 2010

Tweet The prolific Roubini is back! At the Milken Global Conference on a panel to discuss the Eurozone, Roubini indicated that “in a few days…there might not be a eurozone for us to discuss.” That certainly is an extreme view. But if you have been following the Greek debt crisis, one thing is certain, and […]


China Grows At 10.7% Year-Over-Year

January 21, 2010

Tweet China’s has returned to hyper-growth, with the latest GDP numbers coming in at 10.7% (YoY). Much of the growth is likely fueled by the property sector, which has been on fire thanks to low interest rates and fairly easy money. There are waiting lists for cars, and housing is at a ridiculous multiple to average […]


Pirates, Meet Wall Street

December 1, 2009

Tweet The capitalists have taught the pirates a thing or two apparently. This article is pretty amazing at showing how piracy has evolved into a full-fledged industry, replete with an exchange and shareholders. I’m just waiting for the HBS case study. It is a lucrative business that has drawn financiers from the Somali diaspora and […]


Top 10 Most Expensive Office Markets

December 1, 2009

Tweet CBRE has put out a report on global office rents. Not surprisingly, rents are falling in almost every major market, with significant cuts in some of the markets that had skyrocketed the most (e.g. Russia). The top 10 most expensive office markets are below. Rents are in USD/SF/Year. London (West End) – $185 psf […]


Dubai World Strategically Defaults

November 27, 2009

Tweet The Chairman of the “Supreme Fiscal Committee” has indicated that the default of Dubai World was carefully planned. This really is not surprising. As somebody who was in Dubai last year, and saw the hundreds of hollow buildings and the construction up close, it really is not surprising that the party has come to […]


Apple To Open 40 to 50 New Stores – More Than Half Internationally

November 17, 2009

Tweet Cupertino’s Apple Computer (AAPL: 122.77 -1.39%) announced that it intends on opening 40-50 new stores next year. More than half of them will be international. It also intends to open up some as more significant flagship stores in prominent locations in London, Shanghai, and Paris. It also recently just opened a new store in […]


“The Tower Wobbles” – On Top Of Burj Dubai

November 16, 2009

Tweet On top of the Burj Dubai, the tallest building in the world. To see the tower in perspective, you can see some pictures of the tower I took last year in Dubai.


How You Keep the 8% Growth Going

November 12, 2009

Tweet Business Insider has a video up on a city in China that has been built, but there is little activity. This really underscores a lot of what is happening in China right now. They are growing at a brisk pace, but an increasingly large amount of the growth stems from real estate. Since the […]


Who Are The Largest Firms Investing Internationally For US Clients? Here’s The Top 10

November 6, 2009

Tweet We previously posted a top ten list of the largest firms who handle investments in US real estate for foreigner. Somebody emailed us wanting to know who the top 10 money management firms were who invested internationally on behalf of US investors. Here they are below, ranked by tax-exempt status as of about mid-2009. […]


2010 Will Be A “Bloodbath”, But Keep Reading

November 5, 2009

Tweet We’ve heard all sorts of things to describe the fall in CRE. The most recent have been “Bloodletting” (Soros), “Huge Crash” and “Tragedies” (Ross). P&I is out with an article pointing to the recent PwC/ULI report that is being widely reported on. They’ve focused in on the most sensational part of the report: “2010 […]

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