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Mountain View Considering Upping North Bayshore FAR

February 18, 2010

Google has devoured much of the Shoreline and North Bayshore area of Mountain View and now is seeking to work with the city of Mountain View to make the city “a model for Silicon Valley”.

This entails bringing in MUX and residential uses, and increasing the FAR. My bet is public transportation (rightly so) is a big component of what Google seeks to accomplish. Street cars would be a good possible solution, particularly because you don’t need to dig as deep as you do for light rail. Instead of the 3-4 feet deep, you can dig 1-2 feet deep and avoid interfering with a lot of other infrastructure that may lie below the surface.

The city is studying zoning changes and some documents related to the zone change and Google’s letter to the city are embedded below.

[via TechCrunch]

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joshua February 18, 2010

i love google. i really hope they dont turn evil.

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