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A News Digest For Today

January 27, 2010

Rather than give you another daily dose of bad news about Tishman or some other poor sap who blindly overpaid for an asset with OPM, today we present you the following interesting headlines:

1) 1-Month Treasury Bills trading negative again. This is only the 2nd or 3rd time this has happened since Lehman went under. The last time this happened was in March. [via BusinessWeek]

2)¬†Geithner wasn’t involved in billion dollar bailout decisions

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner on Wednesday denied he played a role in withholding information about deals that sent billions of taxpayer dollars from the bailout of American International Group Inc. to big banks.

When President Barack Obama nominated the then-New York Fed chief, “I withdrew from monetary policy decisions...and day to day management of the New York Fed,” Geithner told a congressional panel.

Meanwhile, you have a slew of others denying knowledge of what was going on as well. [via AP]

3) Loopnet launches an iPhone/iTouch application. All their listings are searchable. [via Loopnet]. CoStar, where you at?

4) Distressed Assets Hit $170B according to Delta Associates [via Globe St.]

5) Cornish & Carey sees the light. Also, here is a link to acopy of Volume 1, Issue 1 of their “Insight” Magazine. Now that they’re one of the last regional players standing once CPS and BT go the way of Cassidy Turley, time to make themselves look bigger [via BizJournal].

The report is a pretty good production, though not sure it’s worth reading the whole thing.

6) Toyota halts sales of 8 of its vehicles, including the Camry, Highlander, and Corolla. What a disaster for the dealerships, sales tax revenue, and pretty much everybody else. [via BusinessWeek]

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joshua January 28, 2010

so does C&C buy their research from cbre torto/analytics/whatever-they-call-themselves-this-week like every other firm? or is that just some recent communications grads putting stuff on pages?

Square Feet January 28, 2010

They're big boys, I'm sure they assign some buildings to every broker and compile most of their own data, but all those reports come from someplace. But they've recently turned into major protectionists. I'm about to write a nice piece on them….

joshua January 29, 2010

they are. but ive never been ok with the name. sorry, i guess im shallow like that.

Copeland June 29, 2010

In response to your 3rd headline, CoStar has a new product called Showcase.
Showcase is a free search engine for commercial real estate that maintains the quality research and verification process of CoStar to produce the most accurate listings.

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