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Real Estate Receivers Explained

January 15, 2010

Generally speaking, receivers are basically individuals or firms which are court-approved to preserve the value of an asset after there is a default. There is a major upsurge in receiverships as a result of the crisis, and most of the major CRE firms have either revived or setup service lines to service the loan industry.

Stan Mullin, the former head of SIOR, has written a detailed article detailing receiverships. If you’d like to know more about this surging industry, it’s a fairly quick read…

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Austin_Broker January 15, 2010

Awesome find! I have a friend here in Austin who has been doing a lot of court appointed receivership. A relationship with a group of receivers is totally going to be needed in the CRE realm as banks become harder on refis and various submarkets like multitenant offices get hammered by over supply and lessened demand. Thanks again for the article.


Square Feet January 16, 2010

no problem. if readers find anything good, they can send it our way and we may post it for others to read as well…

Deon Alsandor September 9, 2010

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