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Government Moving Into Help Finance Construction of Science Parks

December 18, 2009

A new Senate bill that just passed committee would drive the creation of more science parks around the U.S. Specifically, the bill would allow the Secretary of Commerce to guarantee up to 80% (!) of loans over $10m for the construction of science parks.

Whoa, good thing that. After all, we don’t have nearly enough vacant office space in the U.S. Rates are only running at a near-record 16.5% (according to Reis), with many cities at 20% vacancy and higher. And commercial real estate loans extant are merely teetering and threatening to bring down the regional banking system, so adding a few million more square feet will just give the system a helpful shove into complete insolvency.

Hopefully this works for rehabs because new construction is a ways away.

[via Infectious Greed]

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Joshua December 18, 2009

makes more sense to have loan specifically targeting scientific companies than "scientific business parks". what a crock of shit that is.

Square Feet December 18, 2009

glad you said it….

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