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Commercial Real Estate Videos

December 16, 2009

Couple videos from CNBC….

#1 Mort Zuckerman on Commercial Real Estate. Zuckerman is chairman of Boston Properties (BXP: 123.28 -0.05%).

and #2 Spotlight on Commercial REITs featuring Harvey Green, CEO of Marcus & Millichap.

This video doesn’t say anything new, but the last point about small vs large real estate is interesting, because if you look at many CMBS issuance, they are stocked full of smaller commercial properties with loans of $1-5M. Sure they’re not headline grabbing, but at the end of the day, these defaults do have an impact on banks and other holders of CMBS, which leads to an inability to lend somewhere else.

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Joshua December 16, 2009

ok, who prepped harvey today? they actually gave him numbers to say in this piece. amazing. his cnbc pieces are usually worthless cause he blathers a talking point over and over. i enjoy all the cmbs coverage as much as the next guy, but i could care less about class A towers in NYC or hotels in florida. CRE is local and im more concerned to see what is happening with the stuff we move on a daily basis. the private capital end of the market is really unclear. how will the new cmbs guidelines work for a guy with a $1.5M balance? what kind of workout can he affect? what caps can we move this stuff at? the non-distress regional stuff will move at decent caps if its really stable. but if its not stable, its impossible to sell. interesting stuff going on.

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