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Meredith Whitney Back on CNBC

December 8, 2009

Commercial real estate losses expected to peak in 2010, consumers continue to be slammed, and she expects the number of Americans who don’t have bank accounts to grow to 30%!

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Joshua December 8, 2009

oh, cnbc, you offer such entertainment. the anchors dont seem to understand that there is a major disconnect between fundamentals and market performance. economics and research is not necessarily indicative of a trading strategy. all the anchors think of is how to take their comments and make a profitable trade. not the situation. fundamentals and the market can decouple, but not forever (eg. real estate bubble).

Square Feet December 9, 2009

when a CNBC anchor's lips start to move, my ears usually stop working

Joshua December 9, 2009

speaking of anchors talking and ears not working, did you catch the daily shows segment on gretchen carlson of fox dumbing herself down? hilarious! clip at http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/tue-december-8-

Mark December 12, 2009

I think we will start to see a recovery in the commercial real estate markets starting the 3rd Quarter of 2010. There are many indicators that we have hit bottom.
Mark http://www.globalonecommercial.com

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