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Wilbur Ross, Sam Zell, Richard LeFrak on CNBC – The Billionaire’s Roundtable

December 2, 2009

CNBC featured a two-part “Billionaire’s Roundtable” featuring Wilbur Ross, Sam Zell, and Richard LeFrak. Some of the slogans:

“Dilution is the Solution”, Owners in “Negative Leverage Purgatory”, “What Happens in Dubai, Stays in Dubai”.

The discussion tackles commercial real estate, newspapers, emerging markets, retail, and gold. CNBC also calls Sam Zell out on the comments he made regarding Wilbur Ross a few weeks ago.

On recovery: apartments first, everything else to follow, but at a reduced level.

Part 1 and 2 below, beginning with Part One:

…and Part Two:

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Joshua December 3, 2009

i was wanting to watch this. pretty interesting 30 minutes of tv. nothing ground breaking, but probably the best tv cnbc has ever aired.

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