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Video: LeFrak on Commercial Real Estate

November 12, 2009

Richard LeFrak is the billionaire head of The LeFrak Organization, a group with investments in thousands of apartment units, millions of square feet of office space, and hotels and other assets, with a concentration in New York.

On banks…

Death by a thousand cuts

On CRE problems…

in 2nd or 3rd inning

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Joshua November 12, 2009

this is one of the few times that the CNBC anchors actually made quality points. “is reinflating these prices the right thing to do?” “probably not buti cant fault them for it.” that pretty much sums it up. whats the alternative? we could let it go boom, but then everyone would cry foul. i hope people like their homes and their jobs and their car and their pay. were going to be locked into this for a while.

squarefeet November 13, 2009

Perhaps the worst CNBC character is Carl Quintanilla. He asks the goofiest questions sometimes, but yeah occasionally they do pull a rabbit out.

Thanks for commenting. We get a lot of readers but the hermits in commercial real estate don’t seem to like to comment!

Joshua November 13, 2009

no problem. i have plenty of free time with the market sucking. might as well open my mouth and try not to sound stupid more often.

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