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Commercial Real Estate Crisis

September 10, 2009

Are more and more people beginning to wake up to the idea of a commercial real estate crisis? It seems so, based on the number of hits this blog is getting from people searching for commercial real estate crisis. We’ve noticed, over the past week, a pretty big jump in people finding this blog based on searches they are doing on various search engines for terms relating to a commercial real estate crisis. It will be interesting to see how the trend will correlate to the actual “crisis” at hand, and if the traffic and trend continues. If it does, then we will try and figure out a way to chart the data and present it here.

Our guess is that the idea or thought of a second wave of trouble stemming from commercial real estate is going mainstream since it seems to me that those in the business would be less likely to search for “commercial real estate crisis” than the layperson just beginning to hear about it and wanting to learn more.

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