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Toyota Announces Decision to Shut Down Fremont NUMMI Plant

August 27, 2009

In another blow to the local economy, Toyota’s board has made the decision to shut down NUMMI, the car manufacturing plant in Fremont. Toyota has indicated that it will halt production at the facility in March of next year.

The plant employs about 4,000 employees. Factor in the multiplier effect of such a vast manufacturing facility, and the ramifications are pretty profound.

The news though shouldn’t be that shocking. It really doesn’t seem to make a lot of economic sense to manufacture much in Fremont, let alone vehicles. The cost of living, rising taxes, and wages here are just too significant to produce the type of products NUMMI was pushing out.

The facility is massive. It’s roughly 5 million square feet set on some 350 acres! You could easily accommodate the Oakland A’s, the San Jose Earthquakes, and the San Francisco 49ers and have room left over for a Tesla Motors Factory and a golf course.

Sad day for the employees, the city, and the local economy for sure.

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