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Schwarzenegger To Propose Sale of San Quentin, Agnews

May 14, 2009

Schwarzenegger is set to propose today that the State of California sell San Quentin, Agnews, and other property around the state.

Locally, Agnews is an 81-acre site near Santa Clara and North San Jose surrounded mostly by Cisco Systems (click picture for larger view). The site is located at 3500 Zanker Road, and is general planned for public/quasi-public use. To the north and west, zoning is Industrial Park, across the street is 20+U/Acre transit-corridor residential, and directly adjacent to the south is Industrial Park with a Transit/Employment Residential with 55+U/Acre density.

Agnews Site in San Jose

San Quentin is an amazing piece of property in the North Bay which we discussed before.

In addition to these properties, the Cow Palace in Daly City, and other property in Southern California and Sacramento are on deck.

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