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Google Cuts Temporary Staff; ValleyWag Estimates Up To 6,000

January 8, 2009

ValleyWag has written a post comparing Google’s (GOOG: 631.21 +0.90%) December SEC filing to a statement made by Sergey Brin in October. In the December filing, Google indicated it has only about 4,300 temporary workers compared to the 10,000 that Sergey Brin indicated they had in October. Whether the number is correct or not, it is clear from Google’s recent subleasing activity that they are making significant cuts.

It should also be noted that while Google is making cuts, it also continues to acquire property around its campus in Mountain View. In December it closed on the purchase of four buildings located at 1010 and 1015 Joaquin Road, 1058 Huff Road and 1708 N. Shoreline Blvd. These acquisitions are in between Google’s campus and the campus it plans on eventually developing around Shorebird Way.

A more detailed report from the Associated Press is also available.

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