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GVA Kidder Mathews Acquires Wayne Mascia Associates

September 21, 2008

GVA Kidder Mathews, the Seattle-based brokerage firm has announced that it is acquiring Santa Clara’s Wayne Mascia Associates. The new firm will be renamed to the ridiculously long GVA Kider Matthews Wayne Mascia.

GVA recently opened a Redwood Shores office and has now made its foray into the south bay through this acquisition. The buy essentially doubles the number of brokers GVA has in the Bay Area.

What will be interesting to see is if brokers from Cornish & Carey’s nearby Santa Clara office will make the jump to the newly formed GVA Kidder Mathews Wayne Mascia office to take advantage of the aggressive commission splits GVA tends to offer its brokers.

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grootz September 22, 2008

As a corporate user of real estate, I’ve never really been impressed with the Wayne Mascia company personally but GVA really only had two choices when it came to buying its way into Silicon Valley. One was Wayne Mascia, and the other was CPS. The other local brokerage firms, BT and Cornish were probably too large for them.

eichtom September 22, 2008

FYI, Mathews is spelled with only one T

sfeet September 22, 2008

thanks – corrected spelling

barefootbob September 24, 2008

then I suppose it is funny that the WM web site says “Some things last. We’re one of them”

… guess not

ad-min December 5, 2008

I hear that there was lots of drama at WM.

REHammer December 12, 2008

I bet, , three of their brokers left and went to Cornish.

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