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“Back of the Envelope” Office Construction Prices

September 10, 2007

Tenants are often amazed at how quickly construction costs for interior build out of offices can add up. Very high end office construction (venture capital, private equity, law firms) is now in excess of $100 a square foot with some jobs moving in on $150 per square foot territory, with office construction for a typical office user generally coming in around $50-60 per square foot.

We are often asked what typical office construction costs are, and while they can vary depending on materials, building, and other conditions, we are able to provide our clients with some ballpark figures to help determine the costs involved when building new office interiors from a warm shell (HVAC, sprinklers, electrical in place). Of course when the deal gets to the point where tenant improvement negotiations come up, it is advisable that an actual plan is costed out to avoid any unexpected surprises. Nevertheless, below are some ball park construction prices for office space in Silicon Valley:

  • A typical office (~120 SF): $8,000
  • Conference room (~300 SF): $16,000
  • Break Room (~300 SF): $20,000
  • Open Office Area: $25 per SF
  • Reception Area (~200 SF): $12,000

As previously mentioned, the cost of construction can vary depending on many factors and can vary greatly depending on things such as what is already there (lights, ceiling, carpet, plumbing, etc.) and the materials used. If you’re a tenant looking for a reputable construction firm in the San Francisco Bay Area, feel free to contact us and ask for a referral.

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Mike Bosch August 16, 2013

I’m planning expansions for our business and found this very helpful. It’s been very difficult to get numbers for budgetary and planning purposes. So, thanks for sharing.

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